Houbový Park is a small park with utilities, scenery & challenges
for an entertaining day out with the whole family, school, group or firm.
On these pages you will find more information about the park and the possibilities.

We look forward to see you (again)!

Team Houbový Park


Gnomes and Fairy tails

From its opening in 2008, there have been prehistoric figures like dinosaurs, monsters and snakes in the park.
Since Henk & amp; Nolly in 2010 brought the first gnome in the park, many gnomes and fairy tale characters are added.
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Fossil Museum

The unique collection of fossils, which Henk & Nolly Blaas (from the Netherlands) have gathered in 40 years of fieldwork, is showcased here in chronological order, along with information about the corresponding periods.
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Daily workshops

Workshops are usually accompanied by multilingual instructors, but who wants to be creative, is not stopped by a language barrier!
In addition to that, the workshops are easy and quick to understand for young and old.
There are always at least 10 different workshops and prices are from 30 Kč.
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Houbový Park is fully utilized for schools and groups.
There is a special one daypart program made for schools which has included in the price;
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With over six years of experience in organizing team building, seminar, product promotion and corporate events we can offer a full day and / or evening, including;
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Weddings and parties

From the ceremony to the last coffee, your ‘big day’ or birthday party?
Houbovy Park has a wide experience in organizing small and larger parties.
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The hall is also the main entrance to the park.
In case of bad weather here is also the indoor ‘expedition’.
It also provides space for workshops, refreshments, exhibitions, concerts, weddings and much more.
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Our philosophy

esides nature trails we try to build a place where the family or the group is the most important factor; a collaborative group (from toddlers to adults) who help each other, communicate, build, execute tasks, new things and learn about themselves while playing, rejoice together and more importantly; enjoy shared relaxing moments.
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Houbový Park in media

Houbový Park in media
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Our Facebook status;
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